When I saw American President Richard Nixon with his Irish Setter, the canine resident of the White House, I decided my next dog will be of this breed.

I purchased my first setter in summer 1986 from the Luxatori kennel. I named the new family member Oswald, who could luckily spend a lot of time with us. Every evening of every single day he kept running with me until he became very old; not a day passed without our regular “training”… After Oswald’s death I couldn’t stay without a dog so I obtained Luxatori Ignis-Faatus in 2006. I was also completely satisfied with Faatus regarding both his external and internal qualities as he reminded me of Oswald! He has the same obstinate personality, always wanting to please me!

In 2008 I decided that Faatus would benefit from having another dog around him so I brought my next setter, Luxatori Jiggery-Pokery „Jagger”. With him, I started to get more seriously involved in dog-keeping, trying my hand at dog shows with quite a success… Jagger became a Derby Winner in 2008 and in 2009 he completed the Hungarian Champion title! Besides, he has achieved multiple CAC and CACIB titles both abroad and within the country!


Our youngest family member is little Luxatori Lollypop Lakisha „Amy”, who has been with me since February 2011. She is the first girl in the team and I have great hopes around her… It is already clear that she has a genuine setter personality; she’s playful and gets on well with everyone!

So right now I live with my three dogs between the towns of Érd and Diósd. Among other plans, my plans include presenting Amy and Jagger at future shows …

Zoltán László 2011.